آلبوم وقتی طرح ها گیتار میزنند


Arash was born on March 22, 1981 in Iran. He studied Musical Composition and Classical Piano at Tehran University of Art. He received his Masters Degree in Musical Composition in 2011, however, he has been teaching both Musical Composition & Classical Piano for the past decade.

Arash has created many Single Tracks for Various Artists and Musical Bands within the last few years and also he has written a full Album for himself called “When the Sketches Play the Guitar” in the Progressive Rock genre, which was finished and published in 2014. He is also the Vocalist in his Album.

In 2013, Arash wrote a piece called “A Tribute to Wagner” for a String Ensemble that was conducted by Christian Schultz; the Conductor & Cellist of Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra.

In early 2015, Arash and Matt met and they decided to form “The gentle Souls” Rock Band and he has been working with us ever since as our Songwriter, Composer, Arranger & Instrumentist.